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Jack Daniel's® Barrel Stave Black Strap Item #: 03000520
$12.99 USD

Peavey's line of customized Jack Daniel's accessories are inspired by the common American heritage shared by Peavey and Jack Daniel's. The new Jack Daniel's line of Peavey accessories is specially designed for Jack Daniel's enthusiasts, avid music fans, serious collectors and dedicated musicians alike.

2" cotton-webbing strap
Glove leather tab with embossed Jack Daniel's® logo
Strap adjusts from 36" to 60"
Weight Unpacked: 0.27 lb(0.124 kg)
Weight Packed: 0.27 lb(0.124 kg)
Width Packed: 2.5"(6.35 cm)
Height Packed: 14"(35.56 cm)
Depth Packed: 1"(2.54 cm)