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14 RU ROAD RACK Item #: 03005430
$652.59 USD

14 Space Premium Rack Case

Available in 8 space through 16 space models
Includes front and back rack rails
Equipped with locking casters to prevent unwanted movement during transit
Caster cups allow for multiple case secure stacking
Quality heavy duty hardware
Durable exterior finish
Rack case usable depth 20 1/8"
Clearance from rack rail to cover - 2 1/8"
Constructed from ¾" birch plywood
Weight Unpacked: 80.03 lb(36.3 kg)
Weight Packed: 89.95 lb(40.8 kg)
Width Packed: 28.375"(72.0725 cm)
Height Packed: 34.25"(86.995 cm)
Depth Packed: 23"(58.42 cm)
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