Automatch™ II Transformer :

Automatch™ II Transformer

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Automatch™ II Transformer

400 watt line-matching transformer
Primary winding can be used to convert the output impedance of any direct-coupled power amplifier upward or downward to effectively match the impedance of a particular loudspeaker system
Also has an isolated secondary winding to allow usage with 70 and 100 volt systems
Utilizes punched and welded bottom plate for convenient mounting
Heavy-duty screw-type terminals for positive connection from the power amplifier and to the external speaker wires
Attached label provides terminal identification and voltage/power ratings to aid you in the proper connection and usage
Operation manual with hook-up diagrams included
Weight Unpacked: 9.53 lb(4.324 kg)
Weight Packed: 9.82 lb(4.453 kg)
Width Packed: 5.125"(13.0175 cm)
Height Packed: 6.25"(15.875 cm)
Depth Packed: 4.75"(12.065 cm)

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