Versarray™ 112 Fly Bar-Blk :
Versarray™ 112 Fly Bar-Blk Item #: 00584970
$399.99 USD

Connects Versarray 112 Speakers to Vermette lift or other rigging. Includes shackles and quick-lock pins. Available in Black

Includes shackles and quick-lock pins
Connects Versarray 112 speakers to Vermette lift or other rigging
Weight Unpacked: 3.65 lb(1.656 kg)
Weight Packed: 4.00 lb(1.816 kg)
Width Packed: 5.375"(13.6525 cm)
Height Packed: 26.75"(67.945 cm)
Depth Packed: 2.75"(6.985 cm)